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Monahan Solutions is an efficiency specialist  company dedicated to helping businesses with startup direction, written documentation and formulation, financial strategies, and expansion of both product, location and service.

Elizabeth Monahan is a Frankfort Kentucky native, earning her Bachelors of Science degree in both Family Science and Sociology having graduated Suma Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky in the top one percent of her class all on academic scholarship in 2011.

Elizabeth is an alumnus of Lexington Leadership, a determined group of people with a shared vision, a can-do spirit, and the right leadership actions that take on tough challenges, mobilize others to action, and achieve remarkable outcomes. A board member of AVOL (Aids Volunteers Inc.), she is also a training member of the Eastern KY Revitalization Project, a strategic partnership designed to help spur the revitalization of Eastern Kentucky. 

Monahan is a mother of two, an animal lover, and nature advocate.

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Quality Services

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality Efficiency Services at the most competitive rates.

We offer a wide variety of services for the new startup or the corporate business. 

We service both local and national markets on a consultant basis.

Startup Direction

Financial Strategies

Location Expansion

Staff Training

Written documents & Formulation

Product Expansion

Service Expansion

Point of Sale Integration

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We love linking our partners with our clients and we’d like to think that feeling is mutual.

We're in the business of solving tomorrow

Secure your business with our efficiency services.

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We’re committed to making your business do business better.

Our services are a la’ carte and built to suit. 


I would like to express gratitude to Elizabeth on behalf of all of us at Noah’s Brick House Pizza for all of the outstanding contributions made for the development of our company. Her passion for, and comprehensive understanding of every single aspect of our POS system (Toast) was remarkable. Her suggestions for overall growth of our business were extremely helpful. But most significantly, she instilled all of us here with an understanding of the value quality management, business plans and operations so we can create the best system we can.

I can confidently recommend her professional work. If you’re working with her, I can say you are in great safe hands
Noah's Pizza
When I had my very first thoughts of opening my own business, Elizabeth came to mind immediately. I've always looked to her as the one with all of the answers, and she's never let me down. The truth is I probably wouldn't have started my business yet, or at least not have came as far as I have without her. She has been my rock, and there for me every step of the way. Her guidance, nurturing and positivity can't be matched. I am forever grateful for her going out of her way to make sure that I am 100% and am very impressed with how she hasn't skipped a beat and and has stayed steps ahead of everything, even during a pandemic.
Mystical Owls Divination

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